Ariel Kaplan

Front-End Developer

LinkedIn: arielhkaplan

I am: Focused, observant, optimistic, empathetic developer with a drive to learn and improve.

I value: Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Curiosity, Responsibility, Self-Awareness

I'm working on: Node.js & Express, APIs




An AJAX app built with Django to connect dancers with practice partners.

Skills: JavaScript, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, MVC, AWS Deployment

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Worked with a small team to build the front end of this Jekyll-based blog, news, and e-commerce site.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Wireframes, Responsive Design, Project Planning, Communication

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Carruthers Landscape

Carruthers Landscape

A one-page responsive site for a small business. Built with Zurb Foundation 4.

Skills: Foundation, HTML, CSS, Wireframes, Project Planning, Photoshop, Communication, Customer Service

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Personal Website entry page

Personal Page

An entry page to my various subdomains. Mostly an excuse to learn Grunt and review Sass.

Skills: Sass, Grunt, CSS3, HTML5, Responsive Design

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Twitterbot: On This Day

Twitterbot: On This Day

A bot that tweets a random event from this day in history. Uses Tweepy and the Wikipedia Python API wrapper.

Skills: Python, Terminal, Wikipedia API, Twitter API.

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  • PDX Code Guild, Software Engineering 12-week intensive program, Portland OR
  • Online Courses:
    • Python (MIT and Rice)
    • Human-Computer Interaction (Stanford)
    • Behavioral Economics (Duke)
    • Treehouse
  • B.A. Lewis & Clark College, magna cum laude and departmental honors, Portland OR. Art major, Japanese language minor
  • Graduate with honors of Firestone High School, Akron OH



  • Mozilla View Source (Volunteer)
  • PyDX
  • Devsigner
  • Write the Docs
  • BarCamp
  • OSCON (Expo Hall)


  • Women Who Code: JavaScript Night
  • Monday Python
  • Tech4Good
  • PDX-UX
  • Code Scouts


  • We Code Hackathon by Nike & Puppet Labs: 2nd Place "Balancing Act"
  • Tech4Good: Customized a WordPress site for a battered women's shelter

Other Interests


Partner Dancing

I've been teaching group classes and private lessons for nearly four years, currently out of Uptown Ballroom in Tigard. Prior to Uptown, I co-founded and hosted a twice-monthly social dance for about two years, and taught group classes at various places around Portland.

My favorite dances are Nightclub Two-Step, West Coast Swing, Cross-Step Waltz, and Hustle. I also do a smattering of other dances.

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Photography & Painting

Although I don't do it too often these days, my first love was drawing. I spent some time as a pet portrait artist, enjoying the delicacy and precision of portraiture combined with cute animals. 'Cause cute animals.

I like to take an unreasonable number of photos with my Nikon D3000 whenever I go somewhere pretty.

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